About Us

About Us

Do You Have a Head for Film?

Filmmakers know that everything great begins with a good story. And at the LFA, we’re no different.

Our own story starts in 2001, with a leading film capital as the setting. Unable to find an ideal film course that met our requirements we decided to create our own in a converted church in South West London.

Over a decade and a half and hours of Super16mm film and millions of pixels later, LFA has transformed into an acclaimed film school that operates like a working production company. We’re responsible for producing a new generation of filmmakers who are multi-skilled, adaptable, collaborative and innovative.

Together, we’ve developed a range of full-picture courses that fully prepare our students for an ever-changing and fast-paced industry. And as a result of this, we’ve been recognised as a centre of excellence, partnering with some of the most original and forward-thinking voices in the creative industry today.

The success of our students is our proudest achievement. And we’re unique in being able to further their success by offering all our graduates a complimentary membership to our Filmmakers’ Club. It’s our emerging filmmakers' club with access to networking events, exclusive job lists and advice from some of the world’s greatest filmmakers.

So if you’re looking to find your voice in collaborative, nurturing environment we invite applicants from all over the world, with any level of experience. But above all, we’re looking for proactive, creative and dedicated team players who have a real head for film.

We look forward to welcoming you to LFA.

Anna MacDonald and Daisy Gili

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“The LFA punches above its weight and expects everyone who comes on the course to do the same. The LFA is small and personable. It is about film. It is about people. Filmmaking is one of the most team-intensive industries around.”
Dave Cray, Filmmaking Diploma Graduate

Multi-disciplinary training

We believe in letting you learn about all the different aspects of filmmaking. This way you can collaborate in the future, appreciate your peers’ roles, discover other strings to your bow and become an informed and responsible filmmaker.

Whether it’s in our edit suits, studios, libraries or classrooms, we’ll treat you like a practicing filmmaker. Training is constructive, hands on and of the highest standard, much like the reality of the demanding film and TV industry.

The nature of our training gives you a unique advantage over other film school graduates who have chosen to focus their learning in only one area.

Courses to keep you on track

Our short and long courses are delivered within a professional environment by practicing filmmakers and supported by the dedicated LFA team.

As technology develops so do our courses, however the language and grammar of filmmaking will always remain the same. Our students work with professional Super 16mm film and high end digital cameras, such as Arri Alexa.

Across all our courses, we’re committed to developing students’ practical skills to prepare them for employment.

Learn with like-minded people

We’re a small, intimate film school dedicated to nurturing the very best. It’s why we have a policy of small intakes on all courses.

We take pride in maintaining a productive tutor to student ratio that allows for one-to-one mentoring,

We celebrate diversity on and off-screen, with 50% of our intake comprising international students from all over the world with a range of social backgrounds.

An affordable film education

LFA is committed to delivering on our founding principle of affordable film training.

We offer a range of bursaries, and as a registered not-for-profit trust, we offer a high level of accountability.  All our course fees go back into the courses and basic running expenses of the school, eliminating hidden costs. 

All equipment, facilities and materials are provided in workshops, exercises and short films, and are included in the tuition fees – no hidden costs

 Make headway in the industry

We offer all students a complimentary membership to our Filmmakers’ Club. The club provides our members with a range of knowledge, contacts, production support, discounted equipment and information about facilities hire after graduation.

Panico’s patrons are some of the most respected names of the industry and include Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones and Sir Ben Kingsley.