Visa Information

The UK government has introduced a Points Based System for Immigration that has several ‘Tiers’ (the Student Tier, Tier 4, came into force on 31 March 2009). International students from outside the EEA (non-EU countries) must check which Visa applies to them and obtain either a Tier 4 General Student Visa, a Short-Term Study Visa or a Standard Tourist Visa to enter the UK, depending on the course they are applying for. 

NB. For courses under 30 days in length a Standard Tourist Visa will be sufficient for most visitors to the UK from outside of the EEA (non-EU countries), for whom studying is not the main purpose of their visit.


Check whether or not you need a visa by visiting the UK VISAS AND IMMIGRATION website. You can also check with the British Embassy or Consulate in your own country or, if there is not one where you live, in a neighbouring country.

PLEASE NOTE: Visa applications can be a lengthy process and therefore it is advisable to apply well in advance of your planned trip.


  1. Standard Tourist Visa (for visitors from outside the EU who wish to enrol on a short course of 30 days or less while they are in the UK eg. Filmmaking Certificate or Filmmaking Foundation, or short specialised weekend and week-long courses)
  2. Short-Term Study Visa (needed for courses of longer than 30 days but less than 6 months eg. Documentary Certificate)
  3. Tier 4 General Student Visa (needed for courses of 6 months or more, eg. Filmmaking Diploma, Screenwriting Diploma)


  • If you are enrolling on a course of less than 30 days on a Standard Tourist Visa, please apply to the course here.
  • For courses over 30 days in length, please refer to the instructions below, depending on the length of your course.

SHORT TERM STUDY VISA For students studying on courses between 30 days and 6 months long (ie. Documentary Certificate)

STEP 1 - APPLICATION: Submit your Application Form here.

Your letter of acceptance, which you need in order to apply for your student visitor visa, can only be issued once you have met all of the admissions criteria for the course you are applying for and we have received your full course fees.

Once we’ve received your full course fees we can issue you with a letter of acceptance, which you can use to apply for your student visitor visa. In order to issue your letter of acceptance we will require:

  1.  A scanned copy or high quality photograph of your passport
  2. Your passport number
  3. Your name as it appears on your passport
  4. Your nationality
  5. Your home address
  6. The address where you will be staying whilst studying in the UK

TIER 4 GENERAL STUDENT VISA For students studying on a course of 6 months or more (i.e. LFA Diploma courses)

STEP 1 - APPLICATION: Submit your Application Form here.

Once you have submitted your application materials, attended your interview and been offered a place on one of our Diploma courses, you will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit to secure your place on the course. We accept payment by debit card or bank transfer only.

Before we can issue you a CAS, we must ensure that you are competent in the English language at a minimum IELTS 6.5, please note that we can only accept the IELTS UKVI. A list of approved English language tests can be found here.

Once you have met all of the admissions criteria and we have received your deposit and CAS fee of £21 we can issue your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies Letter (CAS Letter). We will require the following:

  1. Your passport number
  2. Your name as it appears on your passport
  3. Your nationality
  4. Your address in the UK


The CAS provides you with 30 points and you will require an additional 10 points from your bank statements to prove to UKBA that you can pay for the course. For example: £23,000 course fees for Filmmaking Diploma + £11,385 to cover living costs for nine months = £34,385.

You will need to show that you have the above in your bank account for a consecutive 28 day period before the date you apply for your visa. If you are using funds from your parents, you will need to show evidence that you are related to them. Your personal bank or building society statements must show:

  1. You or your parent(s)/legal guardian(s) name
  2. The account number
  3. The date of the statement
  4. The financial institution’s name and logo
  5. The amount of money available

If you wish to submit electronic bank statements from an online account these must contain all of the details listed above. In addition, you will need to provide a supporting letter from your bank on company headed paper, confirming the authenticity of the statements provided. A summary of the guidelines can be found here. 

NB: Do not travel to the UK if you wish to study without first obtaining the correct student visa. If you enter the UK under a short-term study visa or the incorrect student visa, you will not be able to switch this to the relevant visa without first returning to your home country.

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