Directing Certificate

Our Directing Certificate will illuminate the director’s role and enable you to build the necessary skills to direct a film. Guided by experienced filmmaking professionals, this intense 4-day course, spread across 5 days*, will introduce the concepts of visual storytelling, analyse your approach with actors and enhance your communication skills, allowing you to express your creativity in the most effective way. The workshops culminate in the opportunity to direct a short film project in an industry-standard setting, with professional actors. This in-depth intensive training provides an informative, hands-on, introduction to the world of directing films.

*The course will include two shooting days and you will only be required for one of them.


Duration: 4 days

Our Directing Certificate is a specialised and intensive course, aimed at aspiring film directors who are looking to hone their craft in an innovative and professional environment or prepare themselves for their next filmmaking project.

Guided by experienced filmmaking professionals, this practical and in-depth course provides training in various aspects of directing including visual storytelling, storyboarding, communicating ideas and scripts to actors and crew, working with actors and enhancing their performance and preparing for a shoot. You will have the opportunity to direct a short film in a studio environment using a high-end HD camera and work with an editor to produce a completed short, screened at the end of the course in our cinema.

Targeted exercises ensure you:

  • Establish an understanding of shot choices, visual storytelling and effectively interpreting script
  • Enhance your communication techniques, allowing you to draw the best from your actors and encourage your crew
  • Direct and edit a short film, working with a full crew and professional actors in an industry-standard environment

Course Goals

  • Learn professional techniques to improve your performance as a director in preparation, on set and in post-production
  • Improve your collaborative skills, allowing you to communicate more effectively with cast and crew
  • Develop a better understanding of your storytelling technique, how to convey your story visually, and how to utilise your vision to enhance it

Whilst on the course, and for one month after, you will receive complementary membership with the LFA Filmmaker's Club.

Interested in the camera department? 
Why not consider the Cinematography Certificate? This course offers an introduction to shooting and lighting for film, camera operation and colour correction, all skills that will enhance your visual ambitions as a director. If you decide to enrol in both courses at the same time, you can save £90 on the course fees.

  • All applicants must be fluent in English: English Language Level: Upper Intermediate
  • Minimum age 18


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