Club Panico@LFA screening of LFA Graduate Showcase
15 August 2013

DATE: Thursday 15 August, 18.00
LOCATION: London Film Academy Cinema, 52a Walham Grove, London SW6 1QR

Please join us for the screening of the last year's Filmmaking Diploma student films.

Graduate Showcase 2012

Filmmaking Diploma 19 films

'Busted' - People aren't what they seem... (4.17 min)
'Department of Fate' - If Cupid ain't getting it, then nobody is! (7.20 min)
'Desperate Measures' - A simple solution is not what it seems (4.09 min)
'Interference' - An English woman's home is her castle (5.33 min)
'Jethro' - Some people are different (3.58 min)
'The Diary' - Some books are not meant to be opened... (8.45 min)
Filmmaking Diploma 20 films

'Cold Shoulder' - Not everything ends with death (4.59 min)
'Hands' - It always comes back to family (9.30 min)
'Hidden Border' - You have 10 seconds to cry (7.14 min)
'Pillow Man' - Stamping out (4.09 min)
'Republic of Prunus Persica' - Will she accept the truth? (8.59 min)
'Trust' - You need to be clever to teach the teacher (4.59 min)
Come and have a look at our graduates' work and please sign up to our guestlist if you wish to attend.

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