LFF Film Industry Day: The Potential for Storytellers is Amazing, Talking Business & Craft
11 October 2016
BFI Southbank (NFT1 & Blue Room)

A full day of industry interaction, including a panel discussion and opportunities to meet commissioners, filmmaker and distributors.

Film Industry Day (morning):
Tuesday 11 October 2016, 11:00-13:00, BFI Southbank (NFT1)

Are you writing, directing or producing film? Learning craft skills in sound or design? Researching the impact of new technologies on audiences for film? Join us for a morning in virtual reality as we bring together the creative, technical and theoretical of VR, looking at how it is revolutionising media. From games to headsets, from high profile tie-ins to film, VR is a new language to be played with and explored by a new generation of filmmakers, offering audiences completely new immersive and empathetic experiences. Find out why VR has captured the imagination and the investment of the film industry, how it works across platforms, and why, according to leading VR pioneer Chris Milk, “It's like the beginning of cinema… the potential for storytellers is amazing.”

Speakers include:


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Film Industry Day (afternoon): TALKING CRAFT
Tuesday 11 Oct, 14:00-15:30, BFI Southbank (Blue Room)

A chance to find out about latest industry developments and talk directly with a range of creative and technical film industry professionals in small group discussions.

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Film Industry Day (afternoon): TALKING BUSINESS 
Tuesday 11 Oct, 16:00-17:30, BFI Southbank (Blue Room)

Meet a wide range of producers, distributors and exhibitors, find out about how their roles are evolving in the industry and ask questions in small group discussions.  Inustry lineup includes: Tania Sarra (CARNABY INTERNATIONAL), Chris Tidman (SHORTS TV), Anna Godas (DOGWOOF), Gavin Humphries (NOWNESS), Carrie Rees (KICKSTARTER), Thembisa Cochrane SPIER FILMS, Daniel-Konrad Cooper (DUNKIRK). 

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This event is in partnership with the BFI London Film Festival Film. All bookings are handled by the BFI London Film Festival. 

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