LFA Masterclass @ Encounters Film Festival: Virtual Reality with Filmmaker Avril Furness 'The Last Moments'
21 September 2017, 15.30-16.30
Watershed Cinema, Bristol, UK

Insights and personal reflections on what filmmaker Avril Furness (LFA Filmmaking Diploma graduate) has learnt during the indie VR filmmaking process, based on a case study of ‘The Last Moments’, her VR docu-drama.

This case-study will reveal: the inspiration behind the creative idea of ‘The Last Moments’; from script to set, the challenges faced; an overview of the technical process (production of the film); close look at audience reception; insights into the power of VR, and a brief look at Avril’s current VR project.

Avril is an independent VR, 360 and Film Director, Writer, Producer. Motivated to tell compelling stories and inspiring ideas in immersive and or traditional mediums, Avril has a passion for performance driven narratives.

‘The Last Moments’ has been selected to screen at Encounters Film Festival and is nominated for the Immersive Award.  It was also nominated for Best Director at UnderWire Festival, shown at London Short Film Festival, London Film Festival (part of LFF Education), and Websummit Lisbon. In her previous life before filmmaking Avril was a Copywriter and Art Director at London advertising agencies Fallon and Wieden+Kennedy.

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More about ‘The Last Moments’ – WIRED:  I 'died' in virtual reality at the assisted suicide clinic Dignitas

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