Documentary Panel Discussion with Sergei Miroshnichenko & Sacha Mirzoeff
Friday 24 November 2017, 15.00-17.30
London, TBC

Russian Film Week in partnership with LFA present a panel discussion with filmmakers Sergei Miroshnichenko and Sacha Mirzoeff on making documentaries, especially on the theme of ecology – relevant and captivating for the general public.


Sergei Miroshnichenko
Honorary Artist of the Russian Federation, Emmy laureate, Nika, TEFI, Golden Eagle winner, Sergei will talk about his experience of making documentaries (in Russian with English translation). With excerpts from his films.

Sacha Mizoeff an award-winning director and Executive Producer at the BBC in Bristol, specialising in human documentaries. He’s won over 20 international awards for his films including 2 Griersons for best documentary series (Protecting our Children) and best Science programme (Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life) and 5 Royal Television Society Awards. He has also been nominated for BAFTAs on numerous occasions. His films are all about engagement with the audience – trying to make people think differently and ideally act differently after viewing a film. Many are related to social issues in the UK and often are hard access with a high level of social responsibility towards participants. Some are also international and more wide ranging in content. Working with vulnerable people in a responsible and protective manner has been at the heart of much of his work. The films all bring a hallmark of integrity, openness and trust in their methodology.

He will talk about making documentaries on the theme of ecology interesting and relevant to the general audience. With the competition films excerpts.

Both panellists are members of the RFW-Synergy University Student EcoFilm Competition Jury.


Tickets to this event are free and need to be booked at


NB. There will be a screening of the winning entries of the RFW-Synergy University Student EcoFilm Competition. (



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