STUDENT SUCCESS: Filmmaking Diploma graduate works on comedy 'Honeymooner'
25 January 2011

Michael describes his experience of working on the film:
"My experience on this film started out as a runner for the camera department. However, my passion lay within the editorial department and I was very quickly able to assist on data transfer from the Red Hard Drives to the multiple production hard drives. Luckily for me my technical background allowed me to catch on pretty quickly! By this time I had really begun to understand the Red workflow and continued to research it.

When post begun I was in a good position to offer my services in the editorial department and eventually ending the production as 1st Assistant Editor having conformed the feature to 2K resolution using my Mac Book Pro and delivering to Technicolor for grading and onlining. Looking back at my time on the production, I realise just how much I learnt.

The film has been shown in numerous festivals (incl. Official Selection at Edinburgh Film Festival and Chicago Int Film Festival) and now has distribution!"

'Honeymooner' is a low budget British comedy written and directed by Col Spector.

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