GRADUATE SUCCESS: Graduate Elena Lopez-brea Sanchez is 1st Assistant Camera on award-winning webseries
29 October 2012

Graduate Elena Lopez-brea Sanchez is 1st Assistant Camera on Raindance award-winning new British comedy web-series 'The Vessel'...

“I saw the pilot of The Vessel at Raindance late last year and for me it ticked all the boxes: a persuasive story line, commanding performances and created with a cheeky style that has ‘Raindance’ all over it.”

Elliot Grove, founder, Raindance Film Festival, British Indie Film Awards

 What’s the biggest favour you could ask your best friend?  

Rory and Mike want to have a baby together. This is where their best friend Kim comes in. The Vessel series follows Kim, Rory and Mike, as they start a very unconventional family.

Over ten episodes we see the glories, strains and wonders of three people bringing a child into the world. How do their nearest and dearest feel about the situation? And what’s it really like to be a surrogate? Can such a modern family ever work out?

Filmed ‘Peep Show’ style from Kim’s point of view you get to see all of the action through the surrogate’s eyes. To make this look as natural as possible we decided to film every episode as a single continuous take – a real window into the lives of these three complicated characters. To further maintain this sense of reality we also decided to make all of the dialogue improvised around a scripted storyline.

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