GRADUATE STORY: Human Postcards web series - 60-second video portraits of everyday people by Nora Jaccaud, Documentary Certificate graduate
1 February 2017

With the subtitle ‘Everyone is a story’, Nora Jaccaud (LFA alumnus) has created ‘Human Postcards’, an ongoing web series of 60-second video portraits capturing the powerful messages of everyday people from around the world.

The series is a wonderful combination of storytelling and factual filmmaking at their most captivating and in this fascinating TEDx talk, Nora shares just some of what she has learned from interviewing over 100 people from around the world during the making of the series.

Born and raised in an artists’ and writers’ residency, Nora’s interest in documentary filmmaking led her to London Film Academy where she studied on the six-week Documentary Certificate course. From there she went on to study a masters in dramaturgy at the Sorbonne in Paris.

Congratulations to Nora for a fascinating project and a truly inspiring TEDx event.


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