GRADUATE SUCCESS: Official selection at London Independent Film Festival 2017 for REPOSSESSED and OSTEOPATHY
30 March 2017

Many congratulations to Filmmaking Diploma graduates, John Danvoye and Alastair Train and all their teams, whose short films, ‘Repossessed’ and ‘Osteopathy’ have both made the official selection for the London Independent Film Festival 2017 and will be screened at the festival from April 13-25, 2017 at Shortwave, one of London’s best independent cinemas.

Both films were produced with the help of London Film Academy and we are delighted that they are already winning well-earned recognition.

Repossessed’ is a darkly funny story, written by C.K.McKenzie, produced by Christian Parton and directed by John Danvoye who graduated from the Filmmaking Diploma in 2012.

The film was filmed in the John Ward Studio at London Film Academy and involved an incredible set transformation combined with some stunning visual effects.

"Newly dead, Anjelica is trapped in limbo, waiting her turn to visit a place to call home and therefore to haunt. Sensing her powers, Dora, from The Afterlife Relocation Services, sees in Anjelica the perfect fit for an attic she’s been trying to fill for eternity. But, what our protagonist doesn’t know is that the attic is guarded by Dora’s archnemesis: an experimented ghost hunter called Bob". 

'Repossessed' will show on 22 April at 6pm. Press Information

'Osteopathy’ is a dark comedy written and directed by Alastair Train who graduated from the Filmmaking Diploma in 2015.

Steven, an osteopath at a family run clinic, is finally given the chance of a lifetime to treat the patients in place of his injured, overbearing father, with the help of receptionist Barbara. Will Steven finally get the big break he’s been waiting for?

“I was very pleased that I managed to gather a crew of people that I knew from my time at film school. I think it helps when you know that everyone you work with has the same goal, that being to create a great film. I cannot thank the LFA enough for helping me find these wonderful people who helped me create my vision. “

‘Osteopathy’ will be screened on 21 April at the London Independent Film Festival 2017. The film has already won a Remy award at World Fest 2017 in Houston Texas.

Further information on the 12-month professional Filmmaking Diploma at London Film Academy.

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