London Film Academy is housed in a listed building that was originally a Methodist church. LFA is situated in the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham, a cosmopolitan area reflecting many nationalities and featuring a great range of entertainment venues including Cineworld, Vue and several other independent cinemas.

The LFA is a tardis-like building which houses:


Our Cinema/Screening room
Our theatre offers digital projection and basic sound recording facilities (we have a comprehensive sound FX library).

Our Studios
Two rehearsal and filming studios with stage sets and a selection of props are situated at the top and basement levels of the premises, and are used for all workshops and exercises.

Our Library
LFA library is home to books and an extensive film collection.
Here our Mac computers have the following software: Neo Office, EP Budgeting & Scheduling, and Final Draft.

Our Classrooms
All our classrooms are equipped with video, DVD and computer playback through plasma TVs and/or projectors.


LFA currently has a Super 16mm Arri SR3 and 416 camera kits including Matte box kit, filters and lenses; an ARRI Alexa kit with CP2 Lenses; a Sony FS7, a Sony EX3 and a Z1; several Sony HDVs; and a Chameleon dolly and track. We have a wide range of grip gear, including Ronford, Cartoni and O’Connor heads, a chameleon dolly with jib and a doorway dolly for external productions. We also own an exhaustive range of Fresnel ARRI lights, along with open-faced red heads and blondes. We have a 2.5K HMI, Kinoflo, Dedo Light kits and 1x1 Light Panels, along with a wide selection of flag stands, nets and other grip gear.

Our studio houses a Chameleon dolly with jib arm and a location dolly complete with 50 feet of varying track.

Lighting kits include a range of ARRI Fresnel Lights from 300 watts to 2.5KW, standard red head and blond kits, studio soft lights, and a good selection of flags, stands and grip accessories such as magic arms, pelican clamps and polyboard holders.

We have a Sound Device 664 and SQN mixers with Sennheiser 8050s and AKG microphones, Sennheiser and Micron Explorer radio mics.

Post Production
Our Apple editing suites are equipped with AVID Media Composer and Final Cut Pro, with Sony HDV decks, portable hard drives, and CD/DVD decks available to each computer. All showreel or completed work can be exported onto DVD to broadcast quality standard.



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