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Sustainable Sundays

#SustainableSundays – Staying Hydrated

22 August 2021
It’s undeniable that the film industry makes a huge contribution to the pollution of our environment. We are dedicated to...

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#SustainableSundays – Sharing is Caring

05 September 2021
It’s #SustainableSundays, and this week we’re looking at the Set Design department, to see what best practices filmmakers are using...

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#SustainableSundays - Fashion Frenzy

12 September 2021
For this week's #SustainableSundays instalment, we’re focusing on the Costume Department, and how designers can best practice sustainability on set.    ...

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#SustainableSundays 'Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story'

26 September 2021
Our recent #SustainableSundays post on food waste uncovered the worrying truth about how the catering department on a film set can be responsible for...

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#SustainableSundays – Giving the green light to sustainable film lighting.

03 October 2021
Throughout August, we shared some of our top tips and tricks for environmental best practices on film sets in the catering, costume and...

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#SustainableSundays Leonardo DiCaprio is not your average celebrity.

17 October 2021
Take a scroll through the Instagram pages of most Hollywood A-listers and you’re likely to see a similar set of...

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#SustainableSundays ‘1917’; the biggest sustainable film production to date

07 November 2021
How would you act if no-one was watching?   In order to hold ourselves and others to the highest standards, it’s important...

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7 Eco-Disaster Movies to watch this Halloween! #SustainableSundays

31 October 2021
Whilst documentaries can inform us of the impending dangers of climate change, and document the tireless work of activists who are dedicating their efforts to reverse its damaging...

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