Student Wellbeing: 4 Tips for a Healthy and Happy Winter Break 

20 December 2023

The holiday season is often likened to being the most wonderful time of the year and for many that rings true. It becomes a chance to celebrate and reconnect with the people we love but for some of us, it can also be a stressful time that triggers difficult feelings.  

LFA understands this and we know that it's crucial, as a student, to prioritise your wellbeing throughout Christmas, New Year and the festive season.  

To help ensure you have a healthy and happy winter break from your studies, we have a range of resources available, from the benefits of Togetherall and Headspace to some of the top mental health charities and resources from organisations such as the Red Cross and the Anna Freud Foundation

In whatever capacity you need it, we will ensure you feel supported with the tools needed to look after your mental wellbeing at this time of year. 

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1. Togetherall: A Safe Space for Student Support 

Amid the festivities, you need to have a platform where you can openly discuss your mental health.  

At LFA we work closely with Togetherall, a moderated student support and mental health platform. Students have free access to a supportive community where they can share thoughts and experiences in a safe environment. 

In addition, seasonal student support resources will be made available to enhance your mental wellbeing further. 

2. Headspace YouTube Channel: Free Mindfulness for All 

The meditation and mental health app Headspace are a paid service, with a YouTube channel offering a wealth of free content from meditation sessions, mindfulness tools and practical advice on how best to manage stress.  

This is an excellent resource, especially over the holiday break as the season can bring its challenges. Headspace can provide the insights needed to handle scenarios like this and more. 

3. Mental Health Charities: A Supportive Network 

For students seeking more personalised assistance, there are several mental health charities offering everything from helplines and counselling to peer support and other valuable resources.  

Kooth is specifically designed for young people aged 10 to 25, while QWell serves as its adult counterpart for those 18 and older.  

Mind, another prominent charity, covers a range of issues and provides comprehensive support. 

4. Additional Resources from the Red Cross and Anna Freud Foundation 

All the platforms mentioned can be used alongside both the Red Cross and the Anna Freud Foundation's online resources. These organisations offer toolkits, information and visual prompts that can aid in practising self-kindness and promote mental health awareness.   

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Whether accessing resources through online platforms like Togetherall and Headspace or reaching out to mental health charities for additional support, it’s important to remember that help is out there.  

LFA wants to continue fostering a safe and supportive environment where you can enjoy the holiday season and break from your studies. Being able to find the assistance needed to navigate the festivities and difficulties it may bring is imperative and we want to ensure that we cultivate healthy habits that contribute to positive long-term mental wellbeing. 

While LFA is closed over the winter break we are always on hand to offer support, guidance and resources to ensure you feel positive, refreshed and revitalised for the upcoming academic year.