London Film Academy

BFI Film Academy for Young Filmmakers 16-19 year old

Are you 16-19 and from the UK? Passionate about film? Want a career in the film industry?

If so, the BFI Film Academy is for you. This course offers you the chance to be part of our future film industry.

LFA is delighted to partner with the BFI to deliver a course that is designed to offer the perfect way to introduce young people to practical filmmaking. Offering a variety of training and workshops in the main areas of filmmaking, this course will culminate in the production of live action shorts, which can serve as the starting point for a career in film.

Submissions for 2022 are now closed, please join our waiting list in the 'Upcoming Courses' section below for 2023.

We value diversity and welcome applications from members of under-represented groups within the film industry. 


As a student of the Film Academy you will:

  • Get hands-on filmmaking experience which will help you to develop practical knowledge and skills
  • Explore your own creativity and passions in a supportive and dynamic environment
  • Gain invaluable experience working alongside industry professionals who are respected practitioners in their field
  • Watch a range of cinema from British Independent to specialised films
  • Learn how to write and direct - how to generate stories and how to communicate with actors
  • Gain an understanding of each of the different roles involved in making films - from story, to script to screen, with workshops in cinematography, sound, editing and producing
  • Work in teams towards a practical film-based project.

The cost for Accepted applicants is £25 - Do not send any payment unless your application is successful. If you will struggle to pay the course fee, don’t be put off as you will be able to indicate this once you are accepted on the course and this fee can be waived. Bursaries will also be made available if you require assistance with travel, child care or other costs. More information about who can apply for bursaries can be found in the application form.


To qualify, you need to be aged between 16-19, be resident in the UK and NOT in further education (i.e. not currently attending University) or have previously attended a BFI Film Academy course.


Applications are now closed for 2022 - please join our waiting list for 2023

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