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Young Filmmakers' Academy - Summer

Our Young Filmmakers’ Academy is aimed at 13 to 17 year olds and is the perfect way to introduce young people to practical filmmaking. Offering training and workshops in the main areas of filmmaking, these 1-week or 2-week summer courses, located in London, culminate in the production of live action shorts, which can serve as the starting point for a career in film or TV.


OPTION 1: 2-Week course (10 days, Monday – Friday)

  • Gain an understanding of each of the different roles involved in making films. Go from story, to script to screen
  • Varied, collaborative and fun workshops led by a team of experienced teachers and film professionals
  • Train in 6 key disciplines and achieve a range of film credits
  • Learn how to write and direct - how to generate stories and how to communicate with actors
  • Use an industry-standard camera to explore the fundamentals of cinematography: digital formats, camera sensor sizes, lens choices, lighting
  • Learn to record sound on industry-standard equipment in a studio setting
  • Leave with the skills to shoot and make your own films with the equipment at your disposal, from mobile phones to apps and computer software
  • Receive credits, and a HD link to the short films produced. Invite friends and family to celebratory film screenings.


OPTION 2: 1-Week course (5 days, Monday – Friday)

  • Go from script to screen looking at all the stages involved in making film and TV
  • Fun and varied workshops in small groups with experienced teachers and film professionals
  • Learn how to write and direct - how to generate stories and how to communicate with actors
  • Experience the different roles behind the camera gaining a film credit on a collaborative production
  • Explore the fundamentals of cinematography and sound
  • Discover how to edit using Final Cut professional software
  • Shoot a film using an iPhone – gain the skills to continue filmmaking using your own kit
  • End of the course screening for cast and crew, friends and family and a HD link of the films produced.

During this face-to-face course we will be taking the following safety measures.


  • Our 1-week or 2-week Young Filmmakers’ Academy is open enrolment
  • All applicants must be fluent in English: English Language Level: Upper Intermediate
  • Age range 13-17 years.


For in depth Visa information please visit our Visa page.


There are currently no course dates set for this course.

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