LFA @ BFI Future Film Festival: Hacking Your Creativity with Breathwork

23 February 2019, 11am - 12:30pm
Studio, BFI Southbank

Using breathing techniques to activate emotional freedom, creativity and to build confidence.
We will explore the relationship between the way you breathe, and the chain reaction of feelings and sensations created using specific breathing techniques; tune into the power, control and freedom you have in your work and beyond; learn how to use breath to help you be and stay in the moment and cope with the stress and anxiety of filmmaking.

Richie Bostock, also known as “The Breath Guy”, is the world’s leading figure in Breathwork and it is his mission to spread its life-changing possibilities.  @thebreathguy 

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This event is in partnership with the BFI Future Film Festival - the UK’s most important film industry festival for young, emerging filmmakers!

For booking details please visit BFI Future Film Festival