LFA presents: Pitching Workshop with David Pope at SPOT
Saturday 2 May 2015
Aarhus, Denmark

London Film Academy presents a practical pitching workshop as part of SPOT Festival in Aarhus, Denmark.

David Pope, lead tutor on our Writer-Director Diploma, will lead the workshop aimed at helping filmmaker's understand the pitching process. 

David will look at topics including:

·     What you need to cover in a pitch and what to avoid.
·     How much time do you have?
·     Who are you talking to?
·     Preparation. Research. Rehearse.
·     Adjusting content accordingly.
·     Who are you?
·     Protagonist, Plot, Theme. Which order?
·     Can you tell a story and can you tell it giving equality to beginning, middle and end?
·     Controlling the conversation with confidence and respect.
·     Why do you want to tell this story?  What you should say but also what you should remember (not necessarily the same thing).
·     Project status and assets.
·     Relationships are for careers not for one meeting.
·     How to follow up on a pitch?

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