LFA & London Film Festival present: DOCUMENTARIES - from ideas to distribution
8 October 2016, 14.00
London Film Academy

An interactive workshop packed with recent case-studies that will inspire you to make your own documentary. We will consider the recent trends, opportunities and how this applies to documentary filmmakers with an ‘idea’ for a short documentary? What tools do you need to succeed?
Documentaries, with a few exceptions, used to be made for TV. Then Senna arrived and it changed everything.  From Michael Moore’s Supersize me and humble political documentaries to the arrival of the Working Title documentaries such as Senna, Amy, Maradona and Supersonic, over the last 10 years, documentaries have become more and more successful in the global and UK box office, launching new genres, creating new markets and radically changing the approach to distribution. Add Netflix to the mix and it seems today is the best time to make documentaries! 


Want to learn more?

If you have an idea for a documentary and want to turn your dream into reality, our intensive, 6-week Documentary Certificate will provide the grounding you need to transform your initial concept into a gripping factual film. With hands-on training from practising documentary professionals, you will gain all the skills you need and make your own collaborative documentary ready to pitch and package to the industry.


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