GRADUATE SUCCESS: Tajal Patni is named one of 100 trendsetters
15 March 2013

Congratulations to Filmmaking Diploma graduate Tejal Patni, award-winning fashion and advertising photographer, who has been named one of 100 hot trendsetters by Ahlan Live...

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As a master photographer, this Indian artist creates drama, theatre and beauty with every click – as clearly showcased with his award-winning 2012 Splash calendar that was hailed as among the best in the world.

Tell us about the limited edition Splash calendar.
The whole idea took months of planning, from conceptualising to final shoot. It’s an imaginative look into the decades to come and illustrates what living on another planet in the future may resemble. Because it was believed that 2012 could be the world’s end, I focussed on the idea of a fictional world of new beginnings where humanity has colonised another planet. It’s very sci-fi. It was an amazing experience and I am very proud of the result.

You’ve become renowned as one of Bollywood’s top celebrity photographers. Go on, tell us what the stars are like.
OK, here goes: Amitabh Bachchan was extremely anxious – I have been told he does not like to be photographed; Aamir Khan is an absolute pro and willing to listen and give 100 per cent; Akshay Kumar is very reserved; Katrina Kaif is a dream to shoot (stunning and gorgeous); and Bipasha Basu – she’s sexy, gorgeous and fun!

And what famous brands have you worked for?
Harvey Nichols, Bloomingdale’s, Nike, Smirnoff, Furne One, Splash, Armani, Vogue, GQ, Esquire, Levi’s, Wrangler, Lee, Sprite, Emirates… I can’t list them all.

You’ve been a photographer since you were a kid. Is it now just a job?
Along with film-making, it’s my passion. I’m blessed that they also happen to pay the bills and allow me to see the world

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